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holding him accountable for his crimes, is an important one for the simplest of reasons -- five families for whom the zodiac is neither legend nor movie star nor cult figure, but a real-life killer, a man who took the life of a brother or sister, daughter, son, or friend. >> what he did was spectacular and horrible, and, again, talking with the families, you are reminded constantly of the lifelong devastating effect that these crimes have on people -- lifelong devastating effect that [ woman ] don't forgeteople -- the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts
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now. >> police uping the ante and are now offering a million dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of accused killer cop - chris dorner. authorities still searching for the suspect in big bear mountain area say camping gear was found along with weapons inside the burned- out truck. which was found thursday. dorner is a former los angeles police officer suspected of three revenge killings. in retaliation for being fired from the force. the los angeles police chief also announced he would re-open the investigation into the dorner's firing in 2007. , he wants to make sure that the california of los
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angeles police department peart us the intense week it's been for authorities in southern california as they continue to look for chris dorner. of burst a, he shot to riverside police officers injured and one of them. and corner has vanished. -- dorner has vanished. they will be opening up his investigation but his determination. that is the reason why he is fuelled by this killing spree. >> his allegations are about a police department and being treated unfairly and i
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think that is not true. we do not want to lose that precious ground. that is the totality of the reasons that i will continue to complete this investigation. right now -- police in san francisco are investigating a deadly shooting in the alamo square neighborhood. the shooting happened near hayes and webster streets at 2 a-m. police say they arrived on scene and found a 23-year- old man with a gun shot wound. hospital where he later died. no suspects are in custody. one man was killed and one injured in a shooting in unincorporated san jose this afternoon, according to the santa clara county sheriff's office. one victim was found fatally wounded on the 14000 block of ronda drive around 3:45 p.m. after a 911 call reporting the shooting, according to around the same time, a second victim arrived at good samaritan hospital with non-life threatening injuries, cardoza said. both victims were male adults. no further details were available
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this afternoon, according to cardoza. >> police in palo alto released a sketch today of a suspect wanted for robbing a resident at gunpoint in an apartment complex on sunday. the victim had just pulled into the carport of the complex on the 1000 block of tanland drive around 8:45 in the morning when he first saw the suspect. as the victim got out of his car the suspect approached him and pointed a handgun at the victim's stomach. he then ordered the victim to get back in his car and to hand over his wallet. he is described as a black male in his late 20s or early 30s. about five-foot- eight with a thin build. a dramatic rescue -- after a car fell 150 feet down a ravine in san jose. fire crews rescued two people trapped inside the car. kron4's scott rates was at the scene and has the lastest. >> reporter: this must have been very scary for these people inside you can see this tow truck and that is the crushed corvette. not
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much left with this car. this happened around 2:00 p.m. on the highway near clayton road. some of the driver lost control and dropped 150 ft.. the two people inside one of them was able to walk away but the other was trapped for at least 2.5 hours. and he was air lifted 2.5 hours later. they say that the driver and passenger has minor injuries and the driver has significant injuries. as for what caused the driver to lose control that is still under investigation. reporting, scott rates, kron 4. >> the san mateo police are into two neighborhoods hit by a recent string. of what investigators are calling "door-knock" burglaries. kron four's philippe djegal explains how theives are breaking into homes. and, what residents should look out for.
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>> reporter: first, the san mateo police department says the suspects walk up to a home. then knock on the door a few times. if someone answers, police say the suspects move onto another house. police say the suspects are targeting unoccupied homes. most of these crimes are happening on weekdays during daytime hours. if no one's home. the suspects then go around to the side, jump into the backyard and break into the home. investigators say several homes in the shoreview and fiesta gardens neighborhoods have been robbed in recent weeks. one of the victims lives close to nancy lee. >> it happened to the knocked down and they got out quick. we are too strong to watch out for each other. reporting any suspicious people or suspicious. and
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try to tour that from happening >> reporter: police say lock your doors and windows. don't open the door for anyone you don't know. and, be on the lookout for either a charcoal colored four door acura. or, dark colored minivan. investigators say both cars are linked to many of the burglaries. in san mateo, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> lots of sunshine. for this sunday. we saw temperatures into the 50s and places into the 60s for this afternoon. antioch. oakland 62 and all the way to the mid 60s for santa rosa for tonight and another cold night. like what we have with this live look in the san jose. temperatures in the 40's with clear skies. look for clear conditions and a sunny for tomorrow. temperatures in
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the morning with highs making it to the low 60s. a few degrees warmer but we still have that cool start. with 20's and 30's. below freezing for livermore. 40's by the bay with warmer temperatures compared to last week. the blizzard that pummeled northeastern states has drifted out to sea, and now the clean up effort begins. hundreds of thousands are still without power, and as much as three feet of snow blankets parts of the new england. tory dunnan takes a look at how folks are clearing, and in some part. even enjoying the snow. >> reporter: from sholes, to bobcats, they started clearing the with amounts of snow, from shovels. they are working to free his car. >> all were british court room to look do not open to all be aware there is nowhere to go. >> president obama is
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showing this state of emergency. >> our biggest problem is looking down the city of the alley. with 40 in. reported in hamden. travel is slowly coming back to light and power is being restored. the governor of rhode island is crediting the cooperation of residents and the early prepared this. >> a great team effort and to think everybody. so many rhode islanders especiallwy eith the driving ban. /+ >> of many people are in join this 2 ft. with wintertime activity like sliding into august. with the clear weather today to get outside. this large group in stamford, conn. with a snowfall afight and boston common. >> i said i'm going to get
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ready for tomorrow. kron4's maureen kelly went to s-f-o where she talked to back east, about the conditions created by the massive storm. >> i was in the blizzard yes, it snowed 12 inches. >> reporter: here's a picture of emily allen took of her dog.and her kids enjoying the piles of snow that accumulated in just 8 hours. ironically she and her family are heading to a ski vacation in tahoe. pure ice, about 10 degrees this morning.pure ice >> reporter: these travellers from new jersey say they are happy to be here in sunny california. >> as long as there are no earthquakes >> reporter: they say that the blizzard was not nearly as bad as hurricane it's lovely to look at. >> it's been snowy >> reporter: here's a snapshot kara lombard took from her apartment window in hoboken new jersey. she was happy to find her travel day to be smooth. you can see on the board
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there are only a few cancellations sunday.compared to 83 flights cancelled friday. >> i was able to escape from new york >> reporter: daniel robelo was stuck in manhatten for two extra days because of the blzzard maureen kelly kron4 news. happy year of the snake! when we return. we take a happy year of the snake! when we return. we take a mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> the who's who of the music world. gathering in la this weekend. you might think we're talking about the grammy's, but this is a mega benefit event kicking off grammy week. it's called "music cares" - i had a chance to, we're about to take you inches from the stage honoring "the boss!". superstars of the music world - including bay area artists bonnie rait and neil young - gathering to support the grammy's music cares. bruce springsteen named person of the year.
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the benefit gala rocked all night long with the likes of springsteen, elton john, sting, john legend. and new artists - mumford and sons.and alabama shakes. the highlight of the evening. a jam session - with springsteen, sting, neil young, emmylou harris. here's some cellphone video from the edge of the stage. music cares is about musician's helping raised goes to take care of musicians who don't grab the spotlight. and on a high note tonight. a grammy award goes to the san francisco symphony for a live concert recording of works by bay area composer john adams. it's the 15th grammy win for the symphony. congratulations. coming up the c h p is
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targeting speeders in marin county. .
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> these people were going 36 mi. per hour. we are just outside marin county. or
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the spirit of this 25 m.p.h. there are signs posted. >> i guess i did not realize the speed limit i did not realize i was going that fast. >> i do not know the speed limit in every street. i know generally what you are supposed to to drive but not exactly that it was 25 m.p.h. >> the people that know th probably not paying attention. >> you were going 34 mph and a 25 m.p.h. >> this driver was going 13 mi. over the speed limit. >> and also the driver of this convertible. >> the speed limit is 25
8:28 pm
m.p.h. >> normally these people are interested but not to this guy. >> who is this? can i help you with something? >> this driver was going 37 m.p.h. and he had to actually wait until this person was on the phone call. his license was from washington state. but he has been walkin working here. but io not blame my all the people on these strivers. it it desperately needs to be reengineered. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at
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if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> yet another bus company has been shut down after a fatal crash. the bus overturned after the driver lost control and crashed into two other vehicles. the crash killed eight people and injured over 40 others. the bus was on its way to tijuana mexico after a ski trip in southern california. on friday the u-s department of transportation ordered the company to stop running busses saying that the company was an imminent hazard to public safety. this comes after a canadian company was also order by the d-o-t to shut down earlier this year following a crash in oregon that left nine people dead. >> a head on crash in georgia left five people dead over the weekend. including a one-year-old. according to the georgia
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state patrol one car ignored a no passing zone hitting another car travelling the opposite direction. both drivers were killed in the crash as well as three passengers in the victims vehicle. police are investigating whether or not alcohol may have been a factor. >> mardi gras celebrations turned sour last night after a shooting on bourbon street. one man is critical condition and three others were injured after the shooting erupted just before 9:30 p-m local time. witnesses told police that a fight started outside a strip club called babe's cabaret. that's when they heard three gun shots. the bullets grazed two women and one man but struck a second man. police are currently using surveillance video and cell phone footage to try and track down a suspect. right now -- detectives are questioning two men who might be connected to the deadly shooting of a 15- year-old girl in chicago. police say the men ages 18 and 20 years old. were taken into custody this morning. so far -- no charges have been filed. this is video from hadiya saturday. first lady michelle obama
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was among the attendees. hadiya was gunned down back in january. just days after performing at the presidential inauguration. police say the gunman mistaken someone in the group pendleton was standing with. as a member of a rival gang. there's only a few days left in brazil's biggest and most vibrant carnival celebration. around one-million people will participate in the four day party based in rio de janeiro. today is day three. the highlight of the festival is the samba parade where schools compete against eachother in full costume. some of those schools will have as many as five- thousand people participating in the parade. the festival is a huge money maker for rio de janeiro. and city officials are expecting to generate roughly 665 million dollars for the local economy. don't start gathering supplies and preparing for doomsday quite yet. but on friday an asteroid is going to come really close to earth. but as carl azuz explains nasa says there's nothing to worry about. asteroid 2012 da14 is about half the size of a football field, and it's headed right for us, or right near us, but before you start worrying about this. >> it's a meteor shower. >> reporter: know that nasa says this: >> the close approach of this object 2012 da14 on february 15th in nothing to worry about. its orbit is very well known, we know exactly where it's going to go, and it cannot heat the earth.
8:34 pm
>> reporter: with concerns about the end of the world put to rest, lets check out some science on this bad boy. first of, the asteroid is cruising along its 17,455 miles per hour. that's fast. but not as fast as rockets have to go in order to escape earth gravity and get in the space. speaking of gravity, it's going to give the asteroid a little extra pull as it passes by. so, as this thing is closer to earth, it's actually going to get faster. just how close is da14 going to get when it passes by on february 15th? more than 17,000 miles away from the planet. but keep this in mind, that's closer to earth than a lot of gps or tv satellites. don't worry, nasa says, there isn't much chance it's going to hit those satellites either. let's get hypothetical. what if an asteroid this size did hit the earth? and again, nasa says it won't, but if it did -- it might look like this -- tunguska, russia, 1908. an asteroid around the same size came into the atmosphere, exploded and leveled the trees over an area around 820 square miles. some companies want to get their
8:35 pm
hands on an asteroid, but they're not waiting for one to come here, they're going out there planning to hitch rides in the space on larger missions. why would anyone want to get up close and personal with an asteroid? well, they think these rocks could be a gold mine. or more specifically, a hydrogen, oxygen, iron or nickel mine. their idea is to drill in asteroids for metals and other materials and use those to power space stations. nasa looked into this idea once and decided it would be too expensive, but the companies say, it could pay off in the long run, even if the asteroid mining industry gets off to a rocky start. just a few days left for brazil carnivale in rio and a samba parade with schools
8:36 pm
competing and a huge maaker $665 milllion for the local economy. >> it is going to be cold and below freezing. but warm temperatures into the 60s for that is where you're going to see where this entire week. the san mateo bridge clear skies. those readings again will be of the upper 20's and 30's for the north bay valleys. 40's by the bay. a chilly start and lots of sunshine. temperatures could get into the 60s by the afternoon here is futurecast. the forecast model showing temperatures with the 30's
8:37 pm
in the east bay. i had 40's right by the bay. pretty quickly, it will warm up. temperatures will be rising. early afternoon, reaching 56. the maximum temperatures will be low 60s. it will be a nice day. >> valentines day is this thursday. and while millions of couples are making special plans. millions of singles are likely dreading this holiday of love. rene marsh has some advice for them. >> reporter: february 14th. love is in the air but according to the us census bureau about 116 million people in the united states are living single.and it can be a drag >> "i guess if i did have someone special in my life i would be thinking about it more." >> reporter: the pressure is on for singles on a day meant for couples for matchmaker paul brunson february is big. >> "this is the super bowl
8:38 pm
for the love industry" >> reporter: brunson is a self-described modern day "hitch". >> "did you ever hear of this guy they call the date doctor?" >> "urban myth" >> "really?" >> "absolutely" the real life date doctor has written a book on finding and keeping love. >> "so how many success stories have you had?" >> "so we've had 9 marriages" >> reporter: brunson says it's as simple as one, two, three: "the first thing that you do is think of everything you have done so far that hasn't worked and throw that out. / you want to expand your social circle. thats two. three, work on yourself. work on yourself, self development, interpersonal skills." >> "my phone is ringing off the hook, and people are frantic." author and dating coach jess mccann also pushes a proactive strategy. she says for most women who struggle with dating, it boils down to fear. >> "fear is sort of driving their life, it's making all their decisions, and it's keeping them in a paralyzed state. and when you're in a state of fear, you are not in a state of love." her advice for frustrated singles? >> "you really need to focus more on what you do have,
8:39 pm
and the love and relationships that are in your life than the ones that you dont." and if all else fails? power in numbers. >> "i think i'm just going to have fun with it. if nothing happens i'll get together a lot of girlfriends and we'll have a lot of fun" for many. valentine's day means getting oh, and love! but this attorney in michigan is giving away a free divorce on valentine's day to the couple with the best break- up story. walter bentley the third. a lawyer. got the idea from one of his students. she was having a big party to celebrate her divorce. and she was moving on it to that state of dependence on valentine's day. >> in reality this is a contest and he's inviting anyone who would like that free valentine's divorce to write him a quick note telling him the circumstances. >> the investigation of the joe paterno had sandusky.
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and stevens ago--stephen segal and a sheriff fight crime in the real world...;
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>> a new man is charge of the international security assistance force otherwise known as i-s-a-f. u-s marine corps general joseph dunford junior assumed command from general john allen during a ceremony earlier today in kabul afghanistan. you are looking at images from the gathering that included a number of top ranking military men. in attendence were a number of senior afghan. nato. and u-s officials. dunford and allen are both marines as well as longtime friends. allen spent 19 months at the helm of the i-saf. making him the longest serving comander in the eleven year old war in afghanistan. >> one of the country's most controversial sheriff's has added a new high profile name to his posse. sheriff joe arpaio introduced action star arizona on saturday. seagal helped train the more than three thousand members of arpaio's posse in hand to hand combat.
8:43 pm
they also went through several simulated school shootings where swat deputies posed as gunman. since the shooting at sandy hook elementary the sheriff wants to shift his volunteers from patrolling shopping centers to looking after schools. >> the family of late football coach joe paterno is accusing penn state of rushing their judgement in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. today the family released a new report on their website from former attorney general dick thornburgh. thornburgh reviewed f-b-i director louis freeh's report on the sandusky sex scandal. which was commissioned by penn state. thornburgh says that the university's freeh report was factually wrong. speculative and fundamentally flawed. he added that it was based on raw speculation and unsupported opinion. sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse last june and sentenced to 30-to-60 years in prison in october.
8:44 pm
gabe slate tech report reports on a new trend of plastic surgery and the link with smart phone tablets'.
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8:46 pm
>> a negative impact of this new phenomenon called facial skin sagging with peopele putting their heads down. the american society of plastic surgeons has reported a surge with
8:47 pm
skintight tinning and chin implants that combat aging skin is $7000 and believed that laptops and smart phones spend an increasing time benttdown and this is simple ... gravity.. promoting jowels, and mari eneet lines and smart phone saggy face is the name. take a look around. and everyone has their faces down. just
8:48 pm
staring down. but putting your device at head level is awkward... sagging skin si bad but hteir are things that could be worse a surge ...with neck problems. >> you are going to feel attention. in your back. it would be advisable to take a break. and open up your
8:49 pm
chest. step away from the smarter vice pilaf gabe slate tech report >> this weekend. toby sunny skies and take a look-we will see sunny skies temperatures below freezing in the north bay. sunshine and warmer ratings-readings and temps in the low 60s and the sierras with mostly sunny and mid 40s on wed.
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temperatures were in the '20s and the north bay with low 60s expected in san jose, mountain view, concord. sunshine. we are not scoring to see that fog. we will wake up to clear skies we are not going to see that fog. 60s in the east bay. concord, fairfield, san francisco, and mid-60s for areas in the north bay. 65 degrees with 63 degrees your kron 4 7 day around the bay and going through this week and for this coming weekend sunshine. not much changes.
8:51 pm
just how warm it is going to get? '60s and '70s but no rainfall. >> with valentine's day there are some around the corner there are some digital do's and don't's to keep in mind. karin caifa has some tips for any stage of a relationship in this week's clicked in. thanks to social media the details of budding relationships can quickly be amplified through an entire list of connections, and that can really squash a spark. online etiquette expert julie spira says with courtship getting digital, it's created a new list of do's and don't's. like on a first date, do put that smartphone down. >> it sends a bad message to your date, that maybe there's someone more important than the person sitting across the table from you. don't post all of those early date details on twitter or facebook. >> in the early stages of a relationship, share very
8:52 pm
little about what's going on with your new beau. the reason is, you're dating people, he's dating people, we don't know how many people each other is dating until you've become exclusive and of course had that talk. for those in a relationship on valentine's day, don't lose friends and followers by oversharing. >> if you're posting every hour your play-by-play about your romantic rendezvous -- arriving at the hotel, seeing the flowers in the room, going to dinner, sipping champagne -- you know, it tends to be a little too much. and do keep in mind who might be on your sweetheart's list of facebook friends -- co- workers, a boss, family members, even parents. those wall posts you think are sweet could be downright embarassing to your valentine. i'm karin caifa and you're now clicked in. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere.
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> brandt snedeker finally took the top spot at pebble beach. and one-point-one- million-dollars to go along with it. after being tied with james hahn at the end of day three. snedeker jumped out in front early and coasted to his first win on the year. snedeker finished his performance with a seven- under-65. after five starts this year snedeker already has a win. two second place finishes and a third. this win puts him at a career best number four in the world. in other news jim harbaugh finished the day tied for thirteenth place.
8:56 pm
and this weekend's box office number are in. "identity thief" took the top spot. earning nearly 37 million dollars during its opening weekend. it's the comedy starring jason bateman and melissa mccarthy -- the movie's distributor claims the northeast snowstorm might have choked off 10-percent of the movie's business. the zombie romance. "warm bodies". dropped from last week's number one spot -- earning 11-point-5 million dollars and steven soderberg's thriller. "side effects". starring channing tatum and rooney mara came in third. making 10 million dollars this weekend. a liplock that aired during the super bowl -- has now spawned a lot of awkward smooching. jeanne moos has a roundup of all of the kisses that have us squirming. ever since that go daddy superbowl ad aired. odd couple mouth to mouth has enjoyed a resuscitation. jay leno even proposed a replay with sports illustrated swimsuit model bar refaeli. >> "any chance we could
8:57 pm
recreate the ad? sure, >> shorshore pucker up. jay and nerdy guy kiss things went from funny to kinky when justin bieber started making out with a mannequin. on jimmy fallon's show. and then he missed when he tried to make a basket with the head he'd just kissed. one of the world's best soccer players got kissed on the head wednesday by a fan who ran out on the field and toussled lionel messi's hair. another memorable liplock got laughs when a mustachioed will ferrell kissed an older woman on a bus. in a superbowl spot for old milwaukee beer. two unforgettable kisses in one superbowl. >> hey stop averting your eyes. stop squirming in your seat. you remember the song from casablanca. ( you must remember this. a kiss is just a kiss )
8:58 pm
but even we concede this next kiss is special. the today show's willie geist was doing a valentine's segment, getting briefed on flavored lip balm called kiss sticks. one person has peaches. the other cream. and when you kiss you get. >> "peaches and cream. how's that work. no al that's not gonna happen on today this morning." but oh yes it did. >> "they peck on lips. laughter p peaches and cream delicious." the odd couple kissing trend is spreading like mono. which brings us to the 11th commandment. do not speak ill of your kissing partner even when you do more than 45 takes. >> model:he's a sweetheart. jay leno: and is he a good kisser? >> model: you tell me. jeanne moos cnn new york.
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